“What’s your favorite position?” by: KydaBaby

June 4, 2013 GeneralSex, Love, & Relationships  9 comments


What’s poppin ladies!

It’s been awhile, this I know…

But I damn sure haven’t lost it, so bear with me!


Since I last wrote, I was super single and ready to mingle lol

Not so much these days, I have started a relationship with an AWESOME guy, and I’m happy!  Plus he is fine as hell, so don’t leave that out!!!!

But shit ain’t changed…

I still need this nigga to accommodate my sexual drive and all my damn fantasies DO YOU HEAR ME!!!


This man asked me, “What’s your favorite position?”

Knowing my nasty ass, I said, “Hell, all of them!”

But no, seriously, this question I need to know.  What is your favorite position?  I don’t want that lame shit for a response, on top, missionary, from the back etc.  Each one of these positions is required each time I get down!  And if it’s not the same for you, then I’m going to beg you to please step your aerobics up in the bedroom PLEASE!  Or that nigga will come searching for me : )

But seriously, please reveal your favorite positions!  And if they are intricate please provide details on how to perform that position!!  I will reveal mine later : )

This is a hold no back discussion!  I even want to hear from my fellas!!!!

Scream at me,


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9 comments to “What’s your favorite position?” by: KydaBaby

  • Plan B says:

    With the woman on her back and her hips on the edge of the bed, the man penetrates her while standing. She then puts her legs over his shoulders and tilts her hips slightly upwards. This gives a wonderful angle for cervical stimulation with deep penetration that can produce some intense vaginal and uterine orgasms. With more shallow penetration, a man can stimulate the anterior vaginal wall to hit the G-spot.”

    • tisha12 says:

      Oh Boy cuz a freak

  • lashonda says:

    #1 can we see a demo thats all Im saying put the beaters where the mouth #2 Im lazy so backward cowgirl and prayer stance #ON MYKNEES

  • tisha12 says:

    I knew u was a freak

  • Natasha says:

    I Like them all! Lmao

  • trisha says:

    My all time fav is standing up against the wall while he fucks me from under i love it

    • KydaBaby says:

      Well damn Trisha!!! girl you done took my breath!!! LOL
      I aint never tried this, I am definitely going to see what that be like!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks boo!!!!

  • Tia says:

    From the back is always good but only if he does it right ;)

    • KydaBaby says:

      I agree with this Tia!

      However from the back can be boring BUT its what he does that keeps it in my top 5!

      Lay down flat and he strattles you from the back!
      Or if he off the bed and has you on the edge that be that thang too!!!

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