What do you do? by: Shatanna Lawrence

March 28, 2014 FriendshipsGeneral  5 comments


Girls tell me what you are suppose to do when your best friend’s man is cheating on her? To me its a no win situation. The first response from your friend could be to call him up and question him, and of course he denies it and now y’all are in an awkward situation that could ruin y’all friendship. From my experiences at the end of the day, she is on her man’s side. You can even catch the man on tape, it don’t matter, she probably still will be with him. And if she does its cool, as a friend just support her. The situation will still be awkward because he knows you told on him and could have broken them up. And even though its not your fault, there will still be awkwardness in the air. If you choose to not tell your friend and keep it to yourself and go by the saying (what you do in the dark comes to light), if she found out you knew and didn’t tell her, then your wrong for that because you’re suppose “to be her friend, her girl”. So I don’t know…this happen to me and the man called me and cussed me out, calling me all types of b’s, and of course she didn’t defend me. Ladies what would you do in a scenario like this one?

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5 comments to What do you do? by: Shatanna Lawrence

  • I told both parties a guy was talking to them both. One girl went back and told the guy word for word what I said. The other got mad because the guy said I wasnt her real friend and I shouldn't have told her business with her name included. I told them both because I know what it feels to lust and love for someone who is a complete liar and filled of HOT SHIT. Did I get a fuckin thank you shonda. Thanks for looking out. I got a OH ok, which we know what that means they had to ask the nigga to dbl check what I was saying was legit u know because he was honest. At the end of the day I learned my lessons……..close my mouth and close my eyes cuz at the end of the day dick rules over logic.

  • cracking knuckles… I been through this. I told BOTH parties "their man" was cheating on them. Guess what the hoe got mad at me said I should have not mentioned her name when I told the other girl they both was talking to the same guy. You cant win for loose in that situation. Your damn if u tell your damned if u close your mouth the best thing to do is close your fucking eyes because telling doesn't do shit.

  • Lisa says:

    I told my friend that her man was at the bar with another woman. Me and her are no longer friends and she is still with him so I learned my lesson. Telling only causes friction within the friendship so I am staying out of it. She will learn on her own.

  • Renee Loveable says:

    I would say anything ill just take pictures and send the evidence. Lost a friend of telling her that her man was cheating.

    • tisha12 says:

      Send evidence is a good 1

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