Unnecessary Stress You Allow… by: Tisha

June 18, 2013 GeneralWords of Encouragement  No comments


In life we all go through situations. Whether good or bad, we go through things to help us learn and grow. Alot of times we go through unnecessary situations that we bring on ourselves. In life I have tolerated alot. From abusive boyfriends, lying friends, and users; I have tolerated it all. I had a friend once who could not pay her bills on time so she would call me and tell me she needed money for this bill or she needed gas money and then she would wait for me to solve that problem for her. I took on that unnecessary stress because I simply “was trying to be a nice person and help.” I have also encountered several people who were habitual liars, and I kept them in my life longer than they should have been. These people lied for their own personal gain which ultimately ended up affecting me and hurting me in the long run. I knew they were lying but I kept them around anyway because I simply “was trying to be a nice person and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

I believe I tolerated it for so long because I was afraid of change. This is what I was use to on a daily basis, so I allowed it to occur for so many years because I feared change. I knew they caused me unnecessary stress but I allowed it. My life was horrible and turned upside down. I had so much negativity, drama, and bad things happening in my life at the hands of other people. I allowed it, therefore they just kept on doing it and doing it because I never said “I’m fed up.” I knew I needed to make some changes but I didn’t know how. I broke free of my fear of change by making small steps. I had to start by changing my eating habits. Then I changed my daily routine that I was use to. Those small changes helped me to make a big change by changing the people in my life that caused me so much stress and heartache. I had to take control of my life and know that I deserve so much more than what I allow from people. So I say this to anybody reading this; if you are stressed out and saddened, find the root of the problem and change it. No longer allow those things/people to have control over you. Take back your life.

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