Torrid: Plus size fashion Heaven. By: Tisha

May 7, 2013 FashionGeneral  One comment


For the majority of my life I have been a plus size woman. I love trendy things like leggings, leopard,  and zebra print. When it comes to shopping it has always been a challenge. Going shopping at the local clothing stores was very disappointing. Everything in my size was plain. Plain solid colors, plain solid pants, and no leggings in my size. I honestly had no where to shop for trendy clothes so I settled for the plain Jane look ugh. I started shopping at Lane Bryant and those clothes were ok but not trendy enough to me. Everything was for the working woman and nothing for my age group. I grew frustrated with having to wear solid color shirts that came all the way to my neck and showed no cleavage ugh. I dressed like a 40 year old woman in high school I absolutely hated it. For my senior school pics I wore a very unflattering green suit lol. That was the breaking point for me. I couldn’t express myself because I had a lack of selection due to me being plus size and designers did not cater to plus size. I got introduced to Torrid by reading Cosmopolitan Magazine and I came across an ad. This ad advertised plus size fashion showing different trendy styles and I instantly was impressed. The store was in my local mall and I had no clue. When I walked into the store it was a breath of fresh air. Leopard print, leggings, zebra print, ruffles, large wide belts, skirts, and jeans I went crazy. Everything that I ever wanted was in 1 store. They sell shoes, lingerie, work wear, belts, jewelry etc… it was great. I picked out so many clothes without looking at the price tag oops and when the register gave me my total it was time to put 75% of the stuff back lol. Now I must admit that they are a little pricey. I shop during the clearance sell when everything is an additional 50% off of clearance you can get some great deals at that time. I absolutely Love Torrid and recommend it to all my plus size BBW ladies out there.

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One comment to Torrid: Plus size fashion Heaven. By: Tisha

  • Torrid is that shit and their sales prices do be jumping. My favorite is the customs girlllll.SOME FREAKY SHIT is in the back of the store.

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