Top Six Rules to Stick to on Vacation

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As Summer winds down, vacation regret has some travelers wishing those unforgettable memories could be forgotten. Destination-dating website,, conducted a poll, which revealed that three out of four female travelers admitted to riskier behavior while traveling. Based on the most commonly cited risk-behavior, is releasing six rules female travelers should never leave at home. The poll found that 77 percent of female travelers have had unprotected sex with a stranger whilst on vacation.

Top Six Rules to Stick to on Vacation:

1. No unprotected sex with strangers. [77 percent]
2. No breaking the law. [68 percent]
3. No tattoos or piercings. [65 percent]
4. No unintended hookups. [58 percent]
5. No indecent exposure [35 percent]
6. No operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. [11 percent]

“Vacation gives women a sense of freedom and bravado that can temporarily suspend reality,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO “We think we are invincible when we are miles away, but poor decision making while
traveling can follow you home.” is the only destination dating website on the planet which pairs generous travelers with attractive travelers for a travel date. The website boasts 300,000 members worldwide, and plays host to a unique community of travel-minded singles.

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