The 30-something Year Old Woman Theory… by: Tonnae’ Nicole

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Fab Day Honey Booms,

Last year on the 30th day of August 2012, I celebrated the 10th Year Anniversary to my 21st Birthday. I celebrated this day with a small group of friends. We enjoyed “dirty” martinis, lot’s of laughs, and attended a DRAG SHOW.

As I sit here and reflect on my 30 + 1 year of life and think about my other 30-ish girlfriends…lot’s of things come to mind. I pieced together a few list reflecting the 30-something year old woman’s life. The information is based on meetings with my closest girlfriends and my personal observations.

The 30-something Year Old Woman RELATIONSHIP STATUS:

1.) Happily Married
2.) Happily Single
3.) Un-happily Married
4.) Miserably Single
5.) Curious about sexuality
6.) Promiscuous and can give to flucks about who have anything to say about it!

The 30-something Year Old Woman CAREER STATUS:

1.) Love their job-growing within the company-employed at the company 5-10 years
2.) Seeking a serious career change-something drastic-want a more challenging career
3.) House wife & Mother
4.) No Job

The 30-something Year Old Woman FINANCE STATUS:

1.) Learning how to save money and prioritize finances
2.) Good with money
3.) No clue about the value of a dollar

The 30-something Year Old Woman MENTAL STATUS:

1.) Loves living her life-Happy
2.) Enlightening herself through Spirituality & Self-Improvement books
3.) Depressed

The 30-something Year Old Woman HEALTH & WELLNESS STATUS:

1.) Healthy Life-style; exercises and incorporates a wellness plan to her lifestyle (massage, facials.etc.)
2.) Hair & Nail Shop Queen (no interest or investment in wellness)
3.) Lazy-no interest in taking care of themselves

Based on my 30-something year old woman list, my life’s outline reads like this…

I am a 31-year-old woman that’s happily single. I love my career choice. I’m currently learning how to save money and prioritize my finances. I enjoy enlightening myself through spirituality and self improvement books all while treating my body to fabulous spa services and a healthy wellness plan!

When I was on the verge of exiting my 20′s, I thought to myself….”OMG, I’m soooo not ready to be 30″! At this present moment in my life, I feel as though I am exactly where I should be….without fear and embracing every good and bad experience life has to offer me.

If you are that 30-something year old woman that’s at a stand still in life…MOVE FORWARD girlie face- Life is just getting started for you. Remember each day is a new day. A new day to a new beginning to a new life. Decide today that being 30-something is a good thing!
So, where are you on the list? How do your 30-something life outline read?

Let me know!

Till next time Honey Booms…stay beautiful.

Fabulously Yours,

Tonnae’ Nicole-Beauty Therapist

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One comment to The 30-something Year Old Woman Theory… by: Tonnae’ Nicole

  • Erin says:

    I’m also 31 y/o (as of June 25, 2013)… I wish I was where you are in your life as a 31 y/o… Unfortunately, it seems like a dream, so far from the nightmare my life has become. My life based on your list is as follows: I’m not happily married or single but I have been in a longterm relationship of 5yrs this past July 2013, I currently have no job, due to a work related injury that occurred in Oct. 2011, that my employer denied & I’ve been fighting ever since for my back pay & medical, I have a clue about the value of a dollar, but because of o income every dollar I do happen to get is gone as fast as I get it trying to play catch up on bills (so I’m debt without a single dollar in savings), I’m depressed because I feel cheated out of being able to enjoy my life for lack of a career, income & life stability in all aspects… I’ve tried finding employment that meets my restrictions but have been turned down because of my workers comp case with my ex-employer & at 1 interview my teeth were insulted, they’re not terrible, but lack of maintenance/cleanings has taken a toll & no dentist has been willing to help me without money, which is so sad the world has become so uncaring for another human being), I would love to be able to great myself to spa treatments, Mani/pedis, etc but again only money can uy you such luxuries…. so that has also become a missing link to my life’s happiness… it’s embarrassing, as well as pathetic to read what life for a 31y/o & have to face that I’m so far behind where I should be & will only vr be able to catch up when I get my money. I won my Workers comp case on July 31, 2013, my ex-employer appealed that within a couple weeks of the approval. I don’t know your religious status, but please pray for me! :-). Thanks for sharing this. It was an interesting read & gave e an idea of the areas I need to take care of first & am holding out faith for my life to do a complete 180 back in the land of happy living! Take care! Erin :-)

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