Nothing sucks more… (The Bad Boyfriend Blog)

March 26, 2013 GeneralSex, Love, & Relationships  One comment


…Than being his girlfriend.

I don’t know why so many girls want the top spot. It sucks ass. I mean, it’s a total blower.

This is now officially the cry about my boyfriend blog. I wonder what I’ll call it…Or when I’ll publish it.

As a matter of fact, I wonder how many girls feel the exact way about their boyfriend but can’t seem to pull away?

My boyfriend of one year works nights. He has since I’ve met him. Tonight, after I woke up out of my sleep at 3am to cook him a small meal, we cuddled up to go to sleep. All was well; we had been having good conversation, laughing and joking with one another as couples do. His phone rings, mind you, it’s almost 5:00am.

I ask, “Who is that calling you at this hour?” He replies, “A stripper.”


His furthered by saying that she was a stripper from Atlanta, a friend of his who works late as well, and someone he talks to on a regular basis. Hmmm, that’s fucking nice to know. So I’m quiet when he asks if I would like him to be a “robot boyfriend”. No, ass, I just want you to be a good one. This is exactly why I can never think about marrying him. Where in the world, in what relationship, on what planet in this UNIVERSE is it ever okay to receive a call past 12am???? I don’t care what time people think you work, I grow weary of this. He argues that he’s never all up in MY phone and that he just minds his business because I’m his girl and that’s that… WOW. I don’t think he realizes just how easy it is to do him the way he does me.

When you are with someone, they should have enough respect for you to at least tell their other bitches (of which I should be blissfully ignorant) to respect your actual woman, and to not call any fucking time you feel like it. Well I’ve had it. I am 23 years old and feel like I have to resort to the most childish measures: He doesn’t care if I have friends? Well by golly, I’ll at least have that! I’ve cut off everyone for this man. Big mistake. Now of course, after I’ve ignored everyone for a year, no one wants to talk to me. I’ll have to turn on the charm.

It’s half past payback, bitch. If I can stick to my guns, I can make him feel the way I feel. Is it destructive? Oh yeah. But justice is what I’m after. Pain, suffering.

Not typing at 5:14 am.

If I can build up enough resentment, I can finally leave him once and for all. He’s sleeping like a baby right now, okay with himself in the world—-no guilt or feeling whatsoever. I long for the day he goes to sleep with as much pain as I do. Now that I’ve gotten this episode out for the night, I welcome sleep like a conniving man-baby (Anyone watch Adventure Time?)

Oh yeah. I dub thee, THE BAD BOYFRIEND BLOG.

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One comment to Nothing sucks more… (The Bad Boyfriend Blog)

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