Mustard Essential Oil and its Various Uses

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Mustard essential oil and its various uses

Essential oil of mustard is extract through the steam distillation process from the black seeds of mustard plant. It is very popular in the Indian subcontinent and consider as edible that is widely used in the various recipes especially in the eastern parts of India. However, this oil is considered as irritable, toxic and not for edible in the rest part of the world but widely used for the external uses particularly for the body massages. Mustard essential oil has the great property of anti-fungal, insect repellant, anti-bacterial, stimulant etc. Now, if you are still unaware about the enormous health benefits of this essential then below listed are some of its common uses.

As an effective stimulant 

Mustard essential oil contains very strong stimulant properties and widely used to promote digestion, circulation and excretion. This oil can be used externally in the blend form with the carrier oil to stimulate the blood circulation of the body. It is thought that it promote digestion by promoting the secretions of gastric juices that further helps in smooth digestion of foods. Overall, this oil is an amazing stimulant and can be used as internally and externally.

As a strong Appetizer and Irritant

This essential is considered as an amazing appetizer and boosts the feeling of hunger. Due to its stimulant and irritant property, it irritates the intestines and boosts the digestive juices that promote the feeling of hunger. Although the irritant property is not considered as beneficial but in some cases this can be measured as helpful and used to bring back the sensation to the body parts that is suffering from the lack of sensation.

As Antibacterial and Antifungal

Mustard essential oil has amazing antibacterial properties and considered as an effective way to treat the internal infections in the excretory system, digestive system and urinary tract. However, when applied externally this strong essential can treat the bacterial infections of skin. It also contains the great antifungal properties and treats the fungal infections magically. It completely eliminates the growth of fungal infections.

As insect repellant and Hair Tonic

Essential oil of mustard has the strong insect repellant properties and widely used to keep away the insects and other small animals. This is used in the manufacturing of many different insect repellant products. This essential contains the great stimulating properties which combined with the oleic acid that it contains to work amazingly for the hair. It stimulates the blood circulation of scalp and acid nourishes the hair roots for getting the strong and nourished hair.

Therefore, above discussed are some of the benefits of this magical oil. Add the essence of nature to treat the number of diseases naturally.

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