Laughter is the Best Medicine… by: T’Ana Rick

May 8, 2013 GeneralHealth & BeautyWords of Encouragement  No comments


Laughter is the best medicine. No really it is. Have you ever heard something, or seen something that made you laugh, and when you were done laughing you sort of felt better? Well that’s because there are many benefits of laughter. Physically, it boosts your immune system, relaxes muscles, and even lowers your stress hormones. Who wants more stress? I certainly don’t.  Mentally, it improves your mood, eases anxiety, and adds joy to your life. I think we could all use a little more joy, don’t you? In a social environment laughter helps us bond with others, it can strengthen relationships, and even help end conflict. Laughter helps give you a positive outlook when you’re going through a rough time.

Here are some suggestions if you are in the mood for laughter; watch something funny on television, host game night with friends, do something silly, or make time for fun activities. Never be afraid to make yourself happier.

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