My week 13


My week 13

By: Kida Smith


Excuse my delay 🙂 but I be having stuff to do lol j/k!


Today I want to talk about something very dear to me, for all courses of reasons, none specific…

As a mother today, do you wish you would have done things differently???  Meaning…

Maybe be married before kids?  Living the way it was written, versus the way we chose it?

If you ask me, you damn right, I wish I was married.  I believe honestly, the struggles as a single mom, and the bullshit we go through is our punishment for doing it out of wedlock.  Yes ok, married or not, the father could still be a hoe ass ninja, but still!  It is just the thought of security.

My son’s father, yep, I’m putting him on blast, fuck’em!  Anthony O’Neal Harris Sr. known to most as Neal.

He DOES absolutely NOTHING for lil Neal.  I blessed him and made my son his Jr. per his tired ass request…  I regret it because that is an honor he does not deserve.

But let’s be honest, I am a very vindictive person, so revenge is my favorite thing!  I use to think about it constantly like, how can I get this clown back for how he plays my baby, blow his car up, nah that may result in jail time…  Beat his bitch up, nah, she really not the blame, nor do the bitch have shit on me!  Ha! Or maybe bust out his windows to his place, but nah, bum ass boy lives off of people and with people…  I can be very violent too, I have slowed it down some, but, I can still take it there if I am pushed…

But the best revenge however, when dealing with a fuck ninja as a father, is raising their child up to be the absolute best person they can be, don’t dog the dad out to the child, let the baby figure that man out all on their own…  And one day, not anytime soon though, which is the worst part, but one day though, that same child will teach that man the best lesson…  So that is the day I hope to live for.

But in the meantime, my punishment for having kids out of wedlock is definitely in full effect.  I am sure it is intended to make me closer to God, so that is what I am going to do.



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