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By: K. L. Medley

As summertime approaches, many of us will be seeking exotic and beach vacations. While travel is an amazing experience that should be experience by all, those traveling with women and children may want to avoid countries without strong human trafficking laws or with high instances of human trafficking. In the 2014 report by buy lisinopril hctz 20 12.5 mg, two specific categories, or tiers, of country are listed as major concerns. Nations on the Tier 2 Watch List, or in Tier 3, are known to have governments who do not comply with minimum human trafficking standards and either do not show attempts at improvement or show no positive results from such attempts. Below are lists, taken from the same report, of countries in which women and children may wish to exercise additional caution or (depending on your specific situation) avoid altogether. Wherever the destination, it is important to remember that trafficking can occur anywhere, and these lists are only compiled annually. They may not hold the most recent statistics, should be used for reference only, and all tourists should exercise caution while travelling. Be aware, be wise, and be happy. Bon voyage!

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Tier 2 Watch List (High or rising instances of trafficking despite efforts, or no efforts in meeting minimum standards):
• Angola
• Antigua & Barbuda
• Bahrain
• Belarus
• Belize
• Bolivia
• Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Botswana
• Burma
• Burundi
• Cambodia
• China (PRC)
• Comoros
• Cyprus
• Djibouti
• Guinea
• Guyana
• Haiti
• Jamaica
• Kenya
• Laos
• Lebanon
• Lesotho
• Madagascar
• Mali
• Marshall Islands
• Morocco
• Namibia
• Pakistan
• Panama
• Qatar
• Rwanda
• St. Vincent & The Grenadines
• Solomon Islands
• South Sudan
• Sri Lanka
• Sudan
• Suriname
• Tanzania
• Timor-Leste
• Tunisia
• Turkmenistan
• Ukraine
• Uruguay

Tier 3 Watch List (No efforts in meeting minimum standards):
• Algeria
• Central African Republic
• Congo, Democratic Rep. Of
• Cuba
• Equatorial Guinea
• Eritrea
• The Gambia
• Guinea-Bissau
• Iran
• Korea, North
• Kuwait
• Libya
• Malaysia
• Mauritania
• Papua New Guinea
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• Syria
• Thailand
• Uzbekistan
• Venezuela
• Yemen
• Zimbabwe
• Somalia ( included as a “Special Case”, and listed below tier 3)




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