My Week 9


By: Kida Smith

My week 9

Ok so today it’s been ok thus far…


People have reached out about certain issues, so let me address them…

First and foremost, I am not a medical advisor; however, I do my research, so it is safe to say, I know my ish

  1. Cramping and spotting…

This is not ok if the spotting begins to become more frequent, and you began to pass clots.  That is a sign you are passing tissue which more than likely is a miscarriage

  1. Can’t stop eating…

Check dig ma, I have a point to prove after this baby is born…  I am teaming up with my chick Rachel Evans, and I’ma burn off all the baby pounds plus plenty extra!  So I am not even considering packing on the pounds.  Eating for 2 is a myth…  I am not cool carrying the “big girl” title!  Watch me work

  1. When to announce your pregnancy…

This is totally up to you…  Most women wait until the first trimester is a wrap because they feel they have entered a safe zone.  But God has his own plan…  So you can announce now or later, doesn’t really matter, won’t change any outcome

  1. Exercising during your pregnancy!

Yes please do!  It will make it that much easier once you finally drop!

  1. Taking medications while pregnant…

I personally do not.  I currently have a slight cold, and I have taken nothing.  Everything has a side effect.  And since there is something precious leasing your body, respect it.  I do not want to be the reason why my baby has a third eyeball!  Heyyyy, anything can happen when dealing with medications and the side effects!

How am I?

For this to be week 9, I am moving right along.  I cannot wait to get this over.  I had no intentions spending 2015 without any alcohol or other leisure activities so it’s been hard… but it’s only for the moment, I will be back in 2016!  Mark my word, and I am coming back with such a vengeance…

Well that is it for now, catch you in another week.



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  • Shavon Harris  says:

    Congratulations Kyda!!!!!

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