My Week 7




My name is Kida, and this is just an insight to the long journey I have until the birth of my second child, November 11, 2015.  Today I am officially 7 weeks.  I have posted ultrasounds of what my pregnancy looked like at 5 weeks, and 6 weeks.  The next ultrasound is weeks out but I will post that too.  There is nothing better than having something to compare your ultrasounds to!




I am not sure what other women are feeling, or what makes you most nervous.  However, for me, it would have to be cramping.  So here are some FYI’s to keep in mind to give you peace of mind while your little bundle of joy continues his/her growth:

Slight to moderate cramping is perfectly fine, w/o the sight of blood!

Consuming plenty of water helps reduce cramping (I could do better with this oneL)

I have noticed emptying your bladder also helps with easing cramping.

Please keep in mind, cramping is normal, your uterus is growing rapidly due to the growth of your baby, so cramping should be expected while your body is being leased

By week 8, your uterus is the size of a grapefruit!

Being bloated is happening now!  This also adds to the cramping, I really don’t have a remedy to this, and it has been kicking my butt, so any suggestions please advise!!

In this blog, I will go into my “baby daddy” dramas (FYI-I absolutely hate saying baby daddy!), my pregnancy issues, how my progression is, I will also request feedback from you all as well.  Here there are no filters!  I promise to give the real of me and please give the real of you, even if you want to do it anonymously, but give me the real!  Any questions please ask, and stay tuned for more!



2 comments to My Week 7

  • The Aunt Katherine Freeman  says:

    This should be interesting…..Congratulations

  • Krystal Smith  says:

    Congrats Kyda!!!! Please keep it CLEAN!!!!

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