DFI Skin Care Products-High End & Effective… by: Michael Hepworth

May 8, 2014 GeneralHealth & Beauty  One comment

Ageless_Beauty_Complete_Set_with_boxes__16973_zoomLet’s talk about DFI AGING, a brand new line of skin care put out by Infinity Enterprises Based out of Naples, Florida. They also put out Premier Dead Sea, Gratiae Organics and LIV Hair. Their new venture is the luxury skin care line DFI AGING, and their flagship product is the 60 second Facelift that has been developed over 25 years of research. Now I know the price tag of $1999.99 is a bit steep for most of us, but there is a short video that can be seen explaining and showing the end results. That can be seen at www.dfiaging.com/60secondfacelift.htm, and look for the reaction of the model when she sees her face after the treatment.

After using the face lift, the results will last 6-8 hours on average, but continued use on a regular basis should result in less damage and

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stubborn-coupleI've never been able to admit when I’m wrong. I guess this time is no exception. I've been in part hell/part bliss for the last year of my life. And I know why. Everyone does.

Everyone said that it was crazy and it would never work, and it took about six months to start truly breaking down. I wish and I pray--- and I wish, but wishing on a star isn't exactly working. But I’m not ready to admit that I am wrong. Not on this feeling that I have about us. Nothing else makes sense but it gets even more confusing without him. One day I’ll be able to pull away from the hold he seems to have on me, and all the women he encounters. It’s probably because he gives it all in potential and then snatches it all away. He snatches away the hope, the compassion, the caring. After a year, I feel as

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Healthy Flawless Skin: Just a Cake Walk Now!

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shutterstock_51136033Healthy Flawless Skin: Just a Cake Walk Now! 

Are you fed up with your dull and blemished skin? Are you too troubled with acne? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then need not worry anymore!! This piece of writing will surely help you in your bad skin days. Nowadays, numerous skincare oils are extracted naturally which have proven to be blessing for dying skin and have miraculous benefits for all skin types.

Essential oils are found in various skin care products to not only enhance the aroma of the products, but also to enhance their effectiveness. You just need to know which essential oil to pick for your skin type. Here’s the list of few pure natural essential oils which works amazingly on skin.

Say goodbye to acne nightmares! Lavender oil has

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Motivational Monday “Cher”

April 7, 2014 GeneralWords of Encouragement  No comments

cher-2-456cm051911"Women have to harness their power – it’s absolutely true. It’s just learning not to take the first no. And if you can’t go straight ahead, you go around the corner” - Cher

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The 30-something Year Old Woman Theory… by: Tonnae’ Nicole

April 1, 2014 Sex, Love, & RelationshipsWords of Encouragement  One comment

girls_night_out_partyFab Day Honey Booms,

Last year on the 30th day of August 2012, I celebrated the 10th Year Anniversary to my 21st Birthday. I celebrated this day with a small group of friends. We enjoyed "dirty" martinis, lot's of laughs, and attended a DRAG SHOW.

As I sit here and reflect on my 30 + 1 year of life and think about my other 30-ish girlfriends...lot's of things come to mind. I pieced together a few list reflecting the 30-something year old woman's life. The information is based on meetings with my closest girlfriends and my personal observations.

The 30-something Year Old Woman RELATIONSHIP STATUS:

1.) Happily Married
2.) Happily Single
3.) Un-happily Married
4.) Miserably Single
5.) Curious about sexuality
6.) Promiscuous and can give to flucks about who

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What do you do? by: Shatanna Lawrence

March 28, 2014 FriendshipsGeneral  5 comments

Coleen+-+cheating+boyfriendGirls tell me what you are suppose to do when your best friend's man is cheating on her? To me its a no win situation. The first response from your friend could be to call him up and question him, and of course he denies it and now y'all are in an awkward situation that could ruin y'all friendship. From my experiences at the end of the day, she is on her man's side. You can even catch the man on tape, it don't matter, she probably still will be with him. And if she does its cool, as a friend just support her. The situation will still be awkward because he knows you told on him and could have broken them up. And even though its not your fault, there will still be awkwardness in the air. If you choose to not tell your friend and keep it to yourself and go by the saying (what you do in the

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Five Myths about Sex Toys

March 28, 2014 GeneralSex, Love, & Relationships  No comments

Sex-toysSex toys are always a touchy subject. A lot of people use them, but you'd never really know because they are either too uncomfortable to talk about it, believe they hold some sort of stigma, or are in fact, too scared to try them. But let's be real, the more we talk about them and sex, the more comfortable we are with the subject and with ourselves and the more comfortable we are with ourselves, well, the better our sex lives will be. Everybody wins. So today, in efforts to get us all chatting a little bit more, we're going to debunk 5 misconceptions about sex toys.

1. Sex toys are only for people who are having bad sex or no sex. This is very untrue. The people who are using them are probably having better sex than those who aren't, but I'm not here to judge, so let's assume it's

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